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Folds of Honor Patriot Shootout 2016 Recap

After another great year of golf, socializing, and raising money for a great cause I thought a recap for everyone that couldn’t make it out would be in order. A family that has been personally helped by Folds of Honor came out to give a talk after a great day of golf and a dry eye could not be found in the room afterwards. The President of our chapter had this to say about the day:

“The Downing family is special to me. They learned of the Folds of Honor because Nicole Pence sent a tweet from our very first Gala four years ago. That single tweet brings us directly to [Monday’s] event. It was that tweet that got LeAnn Emmons Chapman’s attention and she began asking me about The Folds of Honor. She has two amazing children who lost their Father, SPC Stephen Downing, in the line of duty by sniper fire. As her oldest daughter was about to start college, surely she was reaching out for help!
[Monday] as Taylor Downing bravely took the podium to tell a crowd of strangers about her life, it hit me. Our very first event here in Indiana is having a direct and measurable impact. In Taylor’s speech, she told us that she is the first in her family to attend college. Proudly as an Indiana State senior she represents the 10,000 Folds of Honor scholarship recipients as a true success story in our effort to Honor the Sacrifice, by Educating their Legacy. She’s an incredibly brave young woman who speaks from the heart and through the pain, so that other children, will have the opportunity she’s been presented with.
As she read the last words her father penned to her, I locked up. The letter was written in private and I’m sure he hoped it would never be read – yet as she shared it with the room it rallied the room and brought forth a new team of Patriots who have now answered the call.
Thank you Taylor! You made me proud yesterday and I know your father agrees with me!
The Folds of Honor stands with you and your brother forever!

Thank you to Mike Daggett for putting on such a great event year after year!

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